Public Servant vs. Politician

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I want to be the best public servant I can for people in the 42nd Assembly District. I have a three-decade history of serving the citizens of Palm Springs as a police officer and ultimately as their police chief. I honored my commitment by not abusing my authority and along with my bothers and sisters in law enforcement putting myself in harms way to protect others.

I served on the Palm Springs Unified School District for 10 years. The District includes the communities of Palm Springs, Desert Hot Springs, Cathedral City, Thousand Palms and Rancho Mirage. I again applied the principle of public servant over politician. During my service for students and families in the Palm Springs Unified School I along with my fellow Board Members, built schools, maintained a balanced budget through hard economic times and provided a framework for our teachers to educate our kids.

I do not want to be or ever become a Politician. I keep my word, I don’t change my beliefs depending on what group I am talking with. I will resist big money influence that is contrary to Republican principles of smaller government, lower taxes, and support for small business. I will maintain public safety as a priority and individual rights and freedoms. I will continue to respect the 2nd amendment and fight against those who foolishly think guns kill people. The truth is people kill people.

I am again in a race against a couple of very good politicians. The current Assemblyman of the 42nd District exemplifies everything about being a politician and not a public servant. For example; he sold us out with his Cap and Trade vote and as an excellent politician double-speaks trying to convince us that the vote was in our best interest.

Riverside County Chairman Jonathan Ingram in a open letter to this politician regarding Cap and Trade is quoted, “a climate change policy that does nothing to substantively impact climate change according to expressed purpose. It disingenuously favors special interest and crony capitalism while undermining Republican free market principles that promote fair competition and the small business owner.”

The politician claims if he did not support the bill the Democrats would have made it worse. That again is double speak. The Democrats at the time held a super majority and could essentially pass any draconian bill if they so decided. No, this was politics. Those Democrats holding seats that the Republicans could win in 2018 voted against Cap and Trade! Our so called Republican Politician in the 42nd voted in favor and convinced other Republicans to follow suit providing political cover for those Democrats holding the vital seats.

What did our Assemblyman really get for his actions? - Special interest money. Special Interest (Lobbyists) need the ear of the Governor. The Governor wanted Cap and Trade to fund billions to the bullet train to nowhere and the Lobbyist convince our politician to deliver the votes. Lobbyists maintain their relationship with the Governor, Democrats protect their majority in California and our politician is assured money for his next campaign. You need evidence, look at who is paying for his current billboards and glossy expensive mailers. That’s right, Special Interest organizations!